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Sofas are one of the most important and less looked upon aspect of our home. We rarely look after it assuming it to be just lying around in the corner. But we encounter or not; sofas do get dirty and require regular cleaning. Crumbs of eatables can get accumulated in the corners, can get spoiled because of home pets or spilling drinks. Cleaning the sofa is not that difficult and you can take the help of a renowned Sofa cleaning services to serve the purpose.

Sofa cleaning at first may seem to be a tedious task, but if you go correctly by pre-vacuuming the larger particles and then heading your way to its core interiors, your job is done. A sofa can collect a lot of outside dust on its surface or inside as it is exposed to the surroundings throughout the day. This dust can lead to dust allergies in your home members. The fabric on the sofa should also be cleaned and washed with sofa shampooing services whichprimarily work on the fabric part.

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  • 1. Hire Efficient Sofa Cleaning Services In Bangalore

    Choose the sofa deep cleaning services in Bangalore who are expert in their solutions and have been serving the customers for a significant period and have given good results. See if they have a staff of trained members and are trustable at the same time. Ask your mother at home for she will accurately judge which is the best sofa cleaning service partner for your home.

  • 2. Hire Sofa Cleaning Services In Bangalore Who Has Patented Machines

    See if they are making use of the tools for cleaning, which are patent and approved by regulatory bodies. The use of these machines assuresproper UV sterilization, dust extraction and removal. They also use the anti-dust spray at the end for added protection. Automation of tools saves a lot of time with fewer efforts and assures a thorough cleanup on all sides.

  • 3. Vacuuming Up Large Sofa Particles

    We usually don’t understand where to start the sofa cleaning process as it is not a daily task for us and requires occasional cleaning. Vacuuming up the large particles first is the most advised step, followed by deep-cleaning. For larger particles on the surface of the sofa, use a vacuum cleaner to clear the visible particles. Also, consider vacuuming up the cushion surface and then vacuum the base.

  • 4. Using A Bristle Brush

    After vacuuming, the next step is to rub the sofa vigorously with a bristle brush. You can also use a roller to remove the lint or fur or hair of the pets. The last step in brushing would be wiping down the external surface with a damp cloth for spankingly clean furniture in your home. There are many products in the market for this task, for example, an all-purpose surface cleaner.

  • 5. Take Help From Sofa Shampooing Services

    You would know what fabric you are using on covering the sofa and let a sofa shampooing service determine it. There are various classes of detergent or shampoo suitable for sofa:

    • a. Water-based detergent
    • b. Dry-cleaning detergent
    • c. Leather cleaning solvent

    These are readily available in grocery stores of your city or online and the best sofa cleaning services have these with them.

    Sofa shampooing services follow the below steps to clean a sofa fabric and provide an excellent output:

    • a. Pre-Conditioning The Sofa Fabric

      It is first spot-tested for checking if it is causing any discoloration of the fabric material. After tested, it is sprayed all over the sofa surface to be shampooed.
    • b. Applying Detergent

      Just like the pre-conditioner, a detergent is also tested on the sofa surface by rubbing a dipped piece of cloth and let it stay on the surface to check for any discoloration.
    • c. Steam Vacuum

      It is used by most of the sofa shampooing services today. It has a tank in which a solution of fabric shampoo and water is poured and then make it come out through the air.
    • d. Applying Sofa Shampoo

      A shampoo specially designed to be gentle on the sofa fabric suffices the purpose. The shampoo is used all over evenly and the excess dirt is removed.
    • e. Repeating

      Sofa Shampooing services may repeat the entire process above if they notice a tiny piece of dirt at any place of the fabric.
    • f. Air-Drying The Sofa

      Once all the process is done, the sofa is let to dry in the air and get out all the wetness naturall
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  • Other Methods For Cleaning Sofa

    Since a sofa fabric can be made from any material of your choice, there are different methods available exclusive for every fabric such as:

  • 1. Dry Cleaning Method

    It is done with the help of a dry cleaning solvent which is basically a chemical and removes stains vigorously.

  • 2. Leather Cleaner

    A sofa surface can be of leather also, of which the cleaning method is different from other fabrics. It is done with the help of a gentle leather cleaner, white vinegar and water. All you need to know is to make a solution of these three and apply to the couch, wipe the sofa and condition it eventually and let it dry in the air inside or outside the home.

Last words,

Although the sofa isn’t a much noticeable aspect of your home, it does gather lots of dust all over the surface and also its interiors. Similar to other home utilities like bedsheets and drapes, it also requires regular cleaning and maintenance because the dust can come from anywhere and many people complain of allergies they suffer because of the dust.
So don’t overlook this possession of your home and get in touch with all the sofa cleaning services in Bangalore that have the best sofa cleaners in Bangalore and sofa shampooing services.