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A super clean couch smells and looks better and is most hygienic to use. But you should know how many types of couches are present in the market, how to clean them, and how to prevent them from the attack of bed bugs and other pests. Couches encounter the most wear and tear among all the furniture in a house. Most of the time, we sit on them, kick our feet, and eat a snack while binge-watching movies. Thus couches are a favorite gathering corner not just for your family but also for the grime, hair, dirt, and crumbs. That is why it is significant to clean the couch regularly with the help of professional home cleaning services in Bangalore. In this article, we will look into different couches cleaning methods and remove bed bugs and bad stink from them.

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  • 1. Microfiber Couch

    Microfibers are cushy and soft material, which makes the sofa comfortable to sit on. You can check out the cleaning code of the couch by looking into the fabric or care label tags which are as follows.

    1. W means to clean with a water-centric cleaner in foam or liquid format
    2. S-W means to clean the couch either with water or solvent-based cleaner
    3. S is to clean the sofa with a solvent cleaner
    4. X means vacuum cleaning with no implementation of any cleaning solution.
  • 2. Velvet Couch

    There are two types of velvet couch present: synthetic and cotton. One of the best methods of cleaning a velvet sofa is to vacuum clean it with a soft brush and dust attachments. To remove the stains on a velvet sofa, do not scrub the area. Just blot it until it is not wet. Then remove the stain away with soapy water.

  • 3. Leather sofa

    To clean a leather sofa, gently remove the crumbs with a cloth or a brush and then eliminate the additional debris with vacuum cleaning. Next, wipe the entire sofa with a damp cloth to finish off the cleaning. But for the last step, you have to ensure that there is no trace of water afterward. You can follow this routine every 2 to 4 weeks.

  • 4. Synthetic Material couch

    Most of the couches are composed of synthetic materials like acrylic, olefin, polyester, and nylon. You can start cleaning the sofa with basic detergent or soapy water. If it requires heavy-duty cleaning, we will suggest you call expert sofa cleaning services in Bangalore.

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Things to do for preventing bed bugs

The summer season is one of the worst seasons for the formation of bed bugs. Thus we have shared some of the most helpful tips for preventing bed bugs from colonizing your couch. They are as follows.

  • 1. Regularly do the dusting and vacuuming.

    Frequently dusting and vacuuming prevents early infestation of the bed bugs. You also should keep your home clean and regularly inspect for the symptoms of bed bugs formation.

  • 2. Check out different Signs.

    You should always check the cushions and pillows of the couch for the feces, molted skins, and eggs of the bed bugs. You can implement a crevice tool for vacuuming the tight spaces.

  • 3. Stop entry of bed bugs.

    Bed bugs can enter your couch from any hotel, plane, cabs, or train and attach themselves to your luggage or bags. In this way, they will enter your home and make a nest on your couch. Thus always check your luggage thoroughly if you have traveled in any of the above transportation means. Most companies for home cleaning use a Clorox wipe if they discover any traces of bed bugs on your couch.

End thoughts

It is hard to resist a comfortable and cheap couch from a store. But later on, it becomes difficult to clean and maintain it. We also hardly get any time to do the regular household chores, let alone detailed and in-depth cleaning of our sofas. Thus it is better to call a specialized company offering sofa cleaning services in Bangalore to do all the cleaning, bed bugs removal, and elimination of bad smell from your favorite furniture.