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Dust is an undesirable aspect causing many issues to the human body, such as allergies or breathing problems. Keeping your home dust-free is not a do and forget a task; it is a continuous practice that you must follow every other day because no matter how effortlessly you clean your home everyday or how decorative its interiors are, it requires regular cleaning as it always comes back. The dust tends to accumulate faster if dusting is not done frequently.

In a country like India, where there are abundant dust and smoke, keeping your home clean and dusting it is essential. It cannot be eliminated entirely but can be minimized too much extent as long as you know the right ways to go about cleaning it and you’re reaching out for the best home cleaning services in Bangalore that offer you affordable cleaning services as well, getting rid of all that nasty dust won’t be a tedious task and the cleaning services in Bangalore will help you with the right supplies.

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  • Here we have listed out ten tips for you to follow to keep your home dust-free and spankingly clean all over and look awesome.

  • 1. Take Help Of Tools For Dusting

    Invest some bucks on a high-quality microfiber dusting cloth traps that clean all the dust in a single stroke. Use it along with a dusting wand to clean the places like ceiling fans, lights, almirahs and shelves that are not within your hand’s reach and use the cloth to catch any dust that falls. For lighter specks of dust on surfaces, use a dry cloth.

  • 2. Always Start Cleaning From The Top

    Higher surfaces like ceiling fans must be cleaned first so that the dust falls on the ground and accumulated and can be cleaned afterward. Start from the top corner and move down cleaning and get rid of the accumulated dust. In the end, take everything collected and dust it away with the help of a vacuum cleaner instantly.

  • 3. Purchase A Doormat

    The dust starts entering from the door first. Visitors coming from outside can bring in lots of dust inside your home. Keeping a doormat inside as well as outside your home can trap maximum dirt and prevent it from coming inside. Also, make a habit of cleaning up the mats regularly to avoid dust accumulation. Install doormats on all the doors of your home. Also, ask visitors to keep their shoes out.

  • 4. Keep The Windows Closed

    Windows do have a good impact on bringing the fresh air to your home surroundings and keeping the environment pleasant but sometimes they can bring a lot of hardly visible dust to your home. Dust enters through windows in the form of pollen, mold spores, and airborne pollutants, all of which can accumulate vastly on the windowsills. Keep them closed most of the time especially during windy times of the year.

  • 5. Stop Carpeting Your Floor

    Carpet does add a lot of beauty to the home but they do accumulate lots of dust as well. Also, they are required to be wiped out every single day. So if you are in the process of redesigning or renovating your indoors, instead of carpets, use other flooring components such as tiles, stone and wood that are easier to clean and can keep your home dust-free.

  • 6. Change Bedsheets Regularly

    You may not notice, but your bedsheet can collect lots of dirt from others’ feet. Make a habit of changing the bedsheets every week. Also, don’t forget changing the pillows as well; even if you wash your sheets and pillows every week, dust can still stay inside the pillows. Use an effective mild detergent, wash them by hand or in the washing machine, then dry and fluff. Take this step and get a soothing bedtime. Also, have a habit of beating them daily for keeping away the dust collected in the day.

  • 7. Be More Careful When You Have Petsr

    Small pets and their dead skin cells and dead hair can make yourhome really dirty. Make a habit of bathing them regularly so that they will also have a happy time with you and your kids would love to enjoy more in their company. And above all, your home will be free of dust, and it won’t require much cleaning or vacuuming.

  • 8. Clear The Clutter

    If they are some unused items in your that are kept idle for long and are not in use, get them away. It could be anything like your old clothes, books, electronic types of equipment or any other accessories. They are kept idle in your cabinets in your cupboards and shelves and brings a lot of dust to your house. Try giving them to someone needy or donating them and help others as well.

  • 9. Get An Air Purifier

    There are a variety of air purifiers in the market in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for single-room or multiple. They are designed in such a way to catch dust with the help of a fan that circulates the air and a filter the dust and other pollutants. Do search out for some good ones to suit your needs.

  • 10. Hire A Good Cleaning Service

    Hiring a House cleaning service in Bangalore is one of the greatest is to keep all the dust away from your home. They provide thorough professional home cleaning services and do it regularly covering every area of your homes such as your living room, study room, your kitchen and bathroom. It saves so much time of yours and lets you focus on other important work.


They are ten tips we have given above that can be used by all to keep the home clean, but there are many more apart from those like cleaning air ducts, replacing filters, bagging expensive clothes, use water for rinsing the indoors, etc.