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Dust can be annoying and its build-up can cause several health problems such as allergies and it is more problematic in communal areas. Offices have a lot of people coming to work everyday and the dust can become problematic to all. They are some tiny areas in the office that are seldom overlooked and tend to accumulate unwanted filth in harder to reach areas.

It is essential to keep the office space tidy with hiring commercial cleaning services in bangalore to clear the accumulation of dust regularly if it is difficult for you to take out time for cleaning up your desk and floors. Professional cleaners will have complete knowledge regarding all the hotspots for germs and have the requisite expertise and the cleaning materials to get your workstation look and feel hygienic in a stipulated time.Here, we will take a look at some of the best ways to keep your office clean and dust-free.

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  • Cleaning the Interiors

  • 1. Begin With The Floors

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    Any of the cleaning tasks should start from the floor for it is the area with maximum dust due to the flock of working professionals visiting every day. If there is a carpet, vacuuming it timely is advised. Along with vacuuming, mopping the floors are equally important.Seek help from an Office Cleaning Services in Bangalore for keeping the floors clean to remove dirt and let your employees breathe well.

  • 2. Define Eating Areas

    It’s ideal to keep eating areas far away from the working area to prevent the easier accumulation of food particles. Limiting food consumption to a breakroom or dining area only will help you in preventing pests such as ants, mice, and other annoying creatures you don’t really want in your workplace.

  • 3. Deep cleaning

    Deep Cleaning in the kitchen or in eating areas should also be performed because they are the places that attract most mice and flies.

  • 4. Clean Your Desk

    Your desk is the place you mostly spend time while working throughout the day. Make a habit of keeping it spankingly clean to let the appliances mounted on it to breathe and work properly.

  • Electronic Appliances Cleanup

    Computers and monitors are the intrinsic part of the office and attract most of the dust floating.

  • 1. Clean Your Keyboard

    Unplug the keyboard after shutting down your computer and turn your keyboard upside down and gently shake it for keepingdebris at bay. You can also utilize compressed air to keep dust away.

  • 2. Clean Your Monitor

    Monitors do get dusty after some days. You can clean it up with a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface. While cleaning the monitor all its supplies should be turned off to avoid any mishap.

  • 3. Clean Your Phone

    Your phone requires regular cleaning for the bacterias on its surface. Wipe them off with a damp cloth in all the parts of the phone such as earpiece, mouthpiece, keypad and also the wires connected to it.

Improve Quality of Air

Make sure the air your working is breathing is fresh enough. Overall cleanliness is conducive to their health and offers more productivity.
To implement it, try to add more plants in your ambiance and to invest in some air purifiers. Try to get more windows and openings to allow air passage and get your ducts and vents checked and air filters are optimized.


Tactfully employ these tips while creating your own office cleaning checklist. By doing so, you’ll have a cleaner workplace that helps your employees feel more comfortable.